Social Media Nonprofit volunteers. How?

Case Study: Social Media to Recruit Nonprofit Volunteers

Recently I decided to try a new way of getting volunteers for a small, non recognized nonprofit. I was asking myself if people would offer their time for a cause even when the asking nonprofit is not a big one or even a medium one.

The results where fascinating to me, I write about it in Wishing Spiral Blog here.

I’m enjoy trying new things on small to medium charities that companies and big nonprofits use based on their size, image and recognition. I’ve found time and time again that most people love getting involved and helping new charities as much as the big ones, the different and challenge is basically budget to reach those people.

I will continue doing small and simple tests like this one, if there is anything you wanna know that I didn’t mention here or on the Wishing Spiral post, let me know!

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PS. The campaign was not created with any advance settings and I don’t go into the specific analytics on purpose. This test are meant to try things that are easy and can be done by anyone.